Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kiss of the Vampire ~ Review

I saw this title, Kiss of the Vampire by Cynthia Garner at the local grocery store and thought, why not?

I'm going to start out by saying that I'm not a big fan of the vampire who can walk about during the day--out in sunlight--and by putting on sunglasses. So, when I come across a story that has that in it, I've automatically knocked a point off it.

Once a generation, the rift between the parnormal world and the human world opens, allowing supernatural entities to cross, Vapire, demon, or shapshifter, they can save the world--or send int spiraling into chaos.

Half-demon, half-human, Nix de la Fuente is accepted by neither and mistrusted by both. Determined to prove she's more human than not, she devotes herself to solving crimes between the world's mortals and its most unsavory undead. But her latest case brings her face to face with the one vampire she could never resist...

Called in to investigate a string of violent murders, special agent Tobias Caine isn't interested in rekindling his relationship with Nix. Yet one look and the vampire knows his need for her is as strong as ever. Once, their all-consuming passion nearly cost Nix her fragile hold on her humanity. Now, as their hunger for one another intensifies, exposing them to an unimaginable danger, it could cost them both their lives.

What I liked about this book:

I thought that the two main characters (plus a third one), were well-rounded and realistic characters. Nix had her challenge in that her demon side was a constant thing to worry about coming out. If it came out totally, she could loose her mind--the human part of her. I liked that once in a while her horn buds would form under her bangs when she got pissed.

This was more of a work of mystery--something I happen to like. There was a mystery to solve, and that did keep me reading--although it was not a page turner. In fact if I didn't get back to it in a few nights, it was alright.

Tobias, being that he was a vampire, was the all-male hero, one that a romance writer needs to set in place for the female to pant over and loose a little sleep over, and eventually they do come together (no surprise there). I felt that the love scenes were good, and not over-done. In other words, I didn't feel  like I had picked up a work of erotica.

What I didn't like about it:
Although the idea for how vampires, demons and shapeshifters came through this rift in space and took over human bodies was a pretty new one on me, I felt that if these were just regular humans doing their job, it  wouldn't have made any difference on the story--it would have come out the same.

As I said before, I don't like where vampires are allowed to walk around in sunlight. I just about put this one down because of it. That's just me. Other people might feel differently, but I'm a stickler on this one point.

I got to the part where Nix goes home to her mother who is full demon--again, you wouldn't know it, she looks like anyone's mom.They discuss some things, and in walks Satan a.k.a. The Devil. He looks like a regular guy in an expensive suit. Excuse me! And he's there having an affair with her mother. I just couldn't buy into this one. Garner making the demons seem like regular people ruined the idea that these were demons--they just didn't act like a demon. Satan was just too--nice!

Garner gets a C- on this one in my books.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jonathan Frid of Original Dark Shadows Dies

Jonathan Frid the iconic actor who played Barnabas Collins in the original Dark Shadows died of natural causes on April 13th, 2012 at the age of 87.

I was a teenager when the original soap opera, Dark Shadows was on TV in the afternoon. I would run home from school to watch it. I think I can owe my intense interest in vampires, witches/witchcraft/supernatural etc. from this show alone.

Whatever I remember from this show are mere glimpses, but I do remember the dark feeling of the show and the way each actor played their rolls that gripped me.

So, we say goodbye to the man who basically kept the vampire legend alive in his own life-time.

Here is a link to Kathryn Leigh Scott's blog. A lot more photos of the actor and actress and information on the show and related links as well.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lorelei's Muse: Matching Actors to My Male Characters

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lorelei's Muse: To All New-Born Vampires: Correct Biting Positions...

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Beyond the Dark Veil ~ Sneak Preview

Beyond the Dark Veil book #3 (a description)

~a world where vampires out number humans ten to one, and are considered merely blood donors and objects of their sexual desires ~ Where the infamous Drakulya (Vlad The Impaler) now lives as a king of a Vampire Nation, and Sabrina finds herself mesmerized by Drakulya's son, Jett--a psychic vampire who gets his high from sex, and he desires Sabrina. But Sabrina is here to find her cousin, Lindee, who was sucked through a portal and it may be too late to save her from being ravaged by the vampires who run this world.