Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Now To Taste The Rest Of You" . . . from my WIP

Alucard and Sabrina are on the ball room dance floor. I promised this a few days back. Just a peek at a portion of my 3rd book. Keep in mind, Sabrina is on another world...
We twirled across the floor while I counted in my head . . . one, two, three . . . one, two, three. . . twirl, step . . .
Alucard's lips curled slightly, and I saw a brow arch as he leaned slightly toward me and inhaled.
Ah, I could grow accustom to this.”
To what?”
Come now, Sabrina, surely you jest? You've danced with three men now. Jett is to be married, Skrlock isn't interested in women, but I am very interested. In you.”
Skrlock is gay?” I blurted, surprised.
Alucard made a little shake of his head, eyes blinking at me. “I beg your pardon?”
Never mind,” I said, realizing I used a slang word from my world that he couldn't understand. “What are you getting at?”
We all know that Drakulya has asked you to become his Blood Dame, and you refused him. You're being here tonight suggests that you are offering yourself.”
I stopped dead. “I'm doing no such thing!” My hands went to my waist. At once I felt the corset pinch me suddenly from my movements in the stomach. Scrunching my face in sudden pain, my hand went to my middle. Maybe I'd eaten too much? I wanted to find a place to cut the damned thing off.
Are you alright?” He asked.
Nothing a knife wouldn't take care of.” I couldn't believe women wore these damned things.
Do you feel faint? May I . . .”
The lightheaded feeling washed over me without warning. I lost my equilibrium and things around me moved oddly. I saw two of everything. This was weird.
Without warning, I tipped toward the floor. Catching me, Alucard took me in his arms and swept me through the dance floor. I heard chuckles, saw faces darting looks at me. I had to guess this happens all the time; women fainting.
Everything went black as we moved through hallways, and then up a sweeping stairs.
When I opened my eyes I was prone, I knew I was in a bed. The room was semi dark, with candlelight, and a fireplace glowing off to the side. I felt something wet slicking along the top of my foot. It tickled. What the hell? My mind wanted to place a dog licking my foot—which was bare, and I was trying to figure out how my shoes had come to be off.
I felt it again, as I came more fully awake, and jerked my foot—the one that was being licked.
A sly chuckle met my stunned ears. “You have delicious feet,” Alucard said.
I realized I was still suffering from whatever drug he had put in the drink I so unwisely chose to drink—stupid, Sabrina, stupid!--I tried to martial my motor skills to jerk my foot away, but then realized with molasses speed, that he held it in one hand. I rose my head enough to look down and met his steel gaze as he licked my toes. I dub thee Asshole.
His mouth opened, and white fangs slid from his dark mouth. A spike of fear tingled around my skull, and then, as he held my gaze, a sudden surge of delicious desire settled deep in my groin. Oh, shit! He was able to enthrall me. Why wasn't the ring working?
My confusion was completely interrupted by the sting of his bite on my tender ankle.
I screamed, initially, as a moment of terror pulled through me, and then was cauterized and became a scream of pleasure. The orgasm throbbed through me and I found myself in a delightful delirium from it.
In one of those Uber-vampire moves, he was suddenly on top of me. I couldn't help my surprised screech.
He laughed as he settled on top of me. “You are as delicious tasting as I thought you'd be. I'll make a fortune from your blood.”
I moved my right hand, wanting to shove the power of the ring in his face before he could get any further with his plans—which I remember seeing in my vision earlier—finding that it was covered by the yards of material of my dress.
As if realizing what I was doing, he caught my hand under the material and held it down. “Oh, no. You'll not be using your magic on me, my dear.” He brought his knees up to hold the dress' material in place and ran his free hands up my sides, then cupped my breasts. He was clearly pleased with my curves. His fingernails raked the flesh (of my breast), and I felt him grab the front of the dress.
Now to taste the rest of you.”

copyright 2011 by Lorelei Bell

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Characters Suck

Well, the vampires do, at least.

I've just renamed a few of my characters in the third book. I had to give them some name to work with, and now that I've found some better names to give some of them I have done so. I used my Find and Replace in Edits to change the names of two characters. I had one named Verdilak. It was a cool name, but I had too many characters' names that began with a V. Vasyl is one, and even though Drakulya is called Drakulya, his other name is Vlad. Too many V's, see? So I re-named him Skrlock. A strange, but memorable name. I tried different spellings:




Then I thought, why put a vowel in there at all? and why not a k instead of a c ?

So I got Skrlock.

And I still couldn't keep from holding on to the name Jett for the main male character. It just fits him. However I had to rename the blood broker of Arabella's from Raven to Alucard. I also changed his looks, and personality, and whole character, really.

The other day I saw this dude walking down the street. Just the back of him, his long hair flopping over his back, it came to about his shoulder blades. The color is hard to explain, but it was like he had equal amounts of gray running throughout his darker hair creating a new, unusual color. I never saw his face, which was fine, but his hair, unfettered, and tall and trim caught my writer's interest, and thought he'd make a perfect vampire. I guessed he was in his 40's. I was hoping to see him again while driving the bus, but didn't. Maybe I will another time, this summer while I'm driving across town.

So, seeing this dude I was able to go back and decide on honing the description of one character that looked just too much like Jett. I felt I had to because I decided to do a scene with Alucard today. Struggling to get Sabrina into a place where she would be poised for the final segment: The Climax of the book.

I like what I came up with for Alucard, and where he fits in this. And this climax scene is burned in my head, and although I want to get to it, I'm working toward it instead. I could just write it, and get it over with, get it done and out of my system. But I've got a week off coming up and want to give myself that time to work on it then. I hope by July something I'll have the first draft of this third book done.

Plus I came across the description of an Astral Vampire, and found that it fit perfectly for a character that has to change drastically, in this book. I'm sort of excited about having found it, because it was on a sheet I'd printed out months ago, and I just came across it. Having worried about what this character would become, after all the things that go on, which I can't even discuss because I'm not ready to write anything about it, what with the second book, Vampire's Trill about to come out this summer.

Well that's all for this update.