Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Updates on Vampire Book

I've learned that Vampire Ascending will be coming out in December. Hopefully by mid December. I will also be sent the cover picture soon, so I'll be able to get excited.

Not being involved in what happens with the book once it got to the publisher is a bit hand-wringing. It's been with Copperhill for over a month now, I like that I didn't have to do anything to it, no formatting, and they do edits on it. Hopefully with the best intentions. I'm a bit nervous about this. But, I figure if they want to sell the book, they will do their best.

I can't believe that Halloween is nearly here. November is next. As we go into late fall, it turns it's ugly-butt weather on us. We've had nasty stuff all day--high winds, rain, and will have it tomorrow too. This after the tease of dry, unusually warm weather for over a month.

I'm looking forward to a few days off, finally, after having only one day off per week from my job. My husband and I both drive the transit buses for NIU, and we are looking forward to the 5-days off for Thanks Giving. Me especially, since I've just worked out problems with my third book, and need time to just work on it.

And I'm encouraged to make a post over at Frogen Yozert, where, I'm told that they expect 20,000 viewers this month. Well, I'll have to come up with something. It might not be as cool as my last thing. In fact it might have to just be something more like this.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Should be Writing, But . . .

I've been working on the second vampire novel (Vampire's Trill), sequel to my first one (Vampire Ascending), which I don't know when will be coming out, as yet. So, I have to let this one sit for a while before I do some final editing.

I, meanwhile have the third novel begun. this one is called Necromancer's Dream But this one is a little different from the first two. Even though it's a sequel. It might be what some call an "in between" novel. I'm hoping to not let this one be very long. About 250-300 pages. I want a really easy plot, but I'm bringing in several characters from the other two, and continuing things from about where they left off, about a week later from the last novel.

In the second novel Sabrina goes to another world for a brief time in order to help her boss, Bjorn Tremayne. In this third one, she is pulled out of her everyday life--well, everyday for a clairvoyant who is working for a vampire, and now is about to get married to one--and finds herself in a completely dark place. She eventually learns it's called Dark Land. The one who has called her there is a necromancer, and a detective, and needs Sabrina's help in finding the person who has been killing humans for their blood. On their world humans are low in numbers, and since the ruling race is vampires, this is a threat to their survival.

At the moment I only have 4 chapters written. I wrote them in the summer, just because they were in my head. Had done a lot of background work for the characters and the world, and know pretty much what I want to do. I'm just trying to plot it carefully right now, so that I don't have to go back and forth, like I've done with a couple of other books. (Spell of the Black Unicorn took me 4 years to write, and develop the world for that book. I went on to write its sequel, and had trouble with the plotting as well. This time, I don't want to have to run back and forth.

I think I'm getting better at it. I have more tools than I did about 6 years ago.