Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Another 5-Star Review for the series

Nothing better than getting a couple of great reviews to help a writer's ego.
This is for Crescendo, which is #5 in the Sabrina Strong series. 

"I just cannot get enough of this unique series!! The surprises multiply constantly - but the flow works well!! Sabrina - she is the sibyl - a being that it seems like most of the supernatural communities have been waiting for- expecting for centuries! But she is still a modern woman - finding her place in the chaos - She needs to help overcome the new rulings for the Vamps - the dinner bell is ringing on the humans - and nothing will hold them in check except Tremayne! Sometimes the bad guys are not as easy to spot as you think!! I love this book makes me think!
This is a completely must read series - start at the beginning - you will be hooked!!!"

The first book, Ascension, has 14 reviews. Most of them 4-5 stars.