Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Sibyl and the Legend of the Dagger of Delphi

The word sibyl comes from the Latin/Greek sibylla, meaning prophetess.

Sibyline Oracles typically predicted disasters.

The sibyl is sometimes confused with the Pythia who was the priestess at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, who did make prophecies, but many times was wrong and they didn't trust her after a while—according to some sources.

The difference between the sibyl and the Pyhthia were that the Pythia usually speaks in a frenzied state and in another voice, while the sibyl spoke intelligently and in her own voice.

From Collier's Encyclopedia:SIBYL the name given by the Greeks and Romans to a prophetess inspired by Apollo or by some other deity. There were several sibyls in antiquity, of whom one, Herophile, prophesied the Trojan War. The most famous sibyl was the Cumaean, whose cavern at Cumae near Naples was excavated in 1932; in Vergil's Aeneid, she prophsied Aenea's future and guided him to the underworld. According to one tradition, Apollo offered this sibyl as many years of life as she had grains of sand in her hand. Having failed to ask also for continuing youth, however, she shriveled up until she was a tiny creature in a jar, whereupon, like Tithonus, she repented of her wish. Collections of the prophecies of the sibyls were know as the Sibylline Books. The Cumaean Sibyl offered to sell King Tarquin nine of these books. When he refused she burned three and offered six at the same price. Again he refused, and she burned three more, offering the remaining three at the same price. These the king purchased. Other books were later added to the collection, which the Romans consulted in time of emergency.”

The Pythia was directly possessed of the god while seated on the sacred tripod. The sibyl was inspired by the god.

Legend of the Dagger of Delphi

When the Sibyl of Delphi died, she was buried with her dagger, it is believed that some how her soul was drawn into the dagger. At some point between her death and the first century, The Dagger of Delphi was thought to have been lost forever, until a farmer found the ruins of her grave after discovering a cave in the Pyrenees. He returned with an oil lamp to the cave. After walking about a hundred feet in he discovered prehistoric paintings of animals. But further in, and down another corridor, he found a smaller cave. Here he discovered a small grave, inside it a wooden box, and a manuscript written on papyrus.

Not understanding the writing, or what he had found he decided to take both the manuscript and the box to monks who lived nearby in the mountains.

Of course the monks did not realize what they had until later on, one monk deciphered the writings and realized they had discovered one of the Sibylline Books.

This was the book of the Sibyl of Delphi whose other task in life, aside from a written account of her predictions and prophecies, depicted her tasks of ridding the earth of Nephilim (the off-spring of the Fallen Angels, or Watchers), as well as vampires and demons—who are related down through the ages through the line of Lilith.

It was not more than two months that the monastery was burnt, and all the monks were murdered. No one knew precisely what happened to the dagger or the manuscript, until thirty years later, it showed up in the hands of another monk by the name of Eusebius. If it were not for Eusebius, who came into possession of the Dagger of Delphi, the way of the sibyl would be lost forever, and the Nephilim would take over the world.

However, that is only the beginning of the story. It was not until the current millennium that another sibyl was born to rid the world of the terrifying creatures known as Nephilim. And the new struggle was begun.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Once Upon A Time . . .

I dreamed of having a book published.

Now that I have, it is work trying to get people to notice it, and then buy it. But, it seems to be working out okay. Vampire Ascending has only been out for not quite five months.

And I just got my second royalty check, which was nice. And I've already spent it--in my head, that is.

I've this "wish" list. You know the one. It goes something like this:

New desk

lap top

office chair (nicer than the rickety one I have now)

lamp--possibly a floor lamp

rug--cool designs maybe from B.B.&B. or Kohls?

wire mesh waste basket


Now, the top three things I can't afford right now. But hope to eventually. The desk is top priority this year. I think eventually I'll be able to buy the one I've been wanting in Office Max--unless they quit making it by the time I do get the money!!!

Lorelei's Muse: Embrace the Vampire Within

Lorelei's Muse: Embrace the Vampire Within: "Are you, or someone you know a Vampire? Well, okay, don't laugh. I don't mean the kind that is immortal, or that explodes into dust when s..."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Night Time Thoughts

My husband and I are having our kitchen remodeled--we live in a county forest preserve-owned house--and tomorrow they will come in and demolish it floor to ceiling. We, of course, spent the last week moving everything out of the room and setting things up in other rooms. Odd to have the refrigerator in the dinning room. But after a couple of days of thinking you need to go into the kitchen to get the milk and whatever, and there it was staring at you--this big hulk of a thing you just walked past--you figure it out. Coffee maker and microwave are now in the living room on the kitchen table and an old Lane end table that once was in my parents house. Cozy. Food is stored in ice chests--easier to get in and out of. And we've bought paper places, plastic spoons, forks and knives for when we can't do dishes. This late afternoon we sat in the empty shell of what is the kitchen, reminiscing of our first days in this very old--over 100 years--house about 17 years ago this month. Sitting in lawn chairs, drinking beer and watching nature outside the windows while the temperatures today got to 81, but now as clouds filter in, we've dropped significantly. Hopeful that if we get any rain it will not be stormy. Today I was a guest on Fangtastic Books. There is a contest running there up until Tuesday to win my eBook. This is the first time I have done the contest thing. I wasn't sure how to go about this, but my publisher kindly offered to do this give away as a promotional. Wish I'd asked about this before. Well, that's okay. I have been over there at Fangtastic Books responding to comments from those who are interested in Vampire Ascending. Some feel it sounds very different--which it is, I assure you!--and some agree with the things I said about vampires. I LOVE VAMPIRES! Or, couldn't you tell? And I had fun responding to the comments left by everyone. What? I get to do it again tomorrow? And Tuesday? Cool. A winner will be announced on Wedesday. So, the evening has turned softer, with clouds and promise of rain. But that's okay. I'm fine with everything right now. I have to recall where I was about 5 or so years ago, struggling with trying to get published. Here I am, having a give away contest for a book I've written and published. I never thought it would be possible to get here after 30 some years of trying to do this. Well, that's for my not giving up. So, tonight we look forward to the new kitchen that will eventually emerge from the "ashes" of the old. It will be renewed. And our spirits are lifted because we've asked for this seven or eight years ago. They didn't have the budget for it, now they do. I wish I could post before and after photos, but that's okay. Take it from me the old kitchen will be forgotten, save for the pictures we took with the cell phone to look at at some time later on.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Something from my 3rd novel

(apologies ahead of time, this begins and ends abruptly--but enjoy)

The sound of equipage approach made us turn toward the front gates again. Two magnificent white horses drawing it. I remembered it from when my night had begun, and I'd ridden in it to be brought back here.

That must be Jett returning from his evening with Penelope.

Let's not let them see us,” I said moving away from the front of the house.

Why?” Drachen said, joining me in the cover of low bushes.

Because I really don't want to have a confrontation.” We crouched down and waited as the carriage drew up, stopped and paused. No one got out, but I could hear voices from inside. They sounded like they were arguing, which pleased me to no end.

This may take some time,” Drachen said low to me.

That's alright,” I said. “By the way, do you like her?”

Who? Penelope?”


She's alright, I guess. It's Jett who needs to like her, not me.” We both chuckled. “I also can't read her mind. Which is strange.”

I looked at him. “Really? You too? I can't get anything from her either.”

Yes. Very strange,” he agreed.

So, do you think she's a bitch?” I asked.

I heard him snort lightly. “Unequivocally. Yes.”



Oh, I hate her guts,” I said and then snorted. It came out really gruff. Hell. I was shifting a little further into my creature. I could feel the slightest shiver of excitement go through me from head to toe. I felt both agitated and excited. I'd made my kill—such as it was, and now I wanted to mate; I was horny as hell—more so than before. I needed to get away from Drachen. I didn't want Drachen near me at this point; I didn't want him near me. It was as though I were choosing an alpha to be with and Drachen wasn't one. Jett was an alpha. Older, huskier, more worldly, and I felt he would be able to handle anything I dished out.

Finally the carriage rode off, leaving Jett standing on the cobblestone drive waving to it as it drove out of the gates.

Drachen was first to step out into the open, and sidled up to Jett.

I thought she would never leave,” Jett sighed.

Me too,” Drachen said. “Have a good evening?”

Jett shrugged. “I've had better. We quarreled nearly the whole time.”

Drachen chuckled. “You'll make a cute couple.”

If you're trying to get on my good side, you're doing a bad job of it.”

Drachen chuckled again.

I stepped out of cover, unable to hold back a sudden snarl. I felt shivers going through me. The change into my creature had paused, or stopped completely. Possibly it was the difference in worlds. I wasn't sure, but my mind had not shifted to the animal, just as my body had not. Although I felt my teeth had become longer, sharper, as had the horrific claws at the ends of my fingers.

Both men turned toward me to gaze at my appearance in the moonlight. Did I look strange? I wasn't sure.

Sabrina?” Jett said, a little surprised. “What are you doing out here?”

Oh, we were on a killing mission,” Drachen said. “She dispatched a few more Dreadfuls.”


I've got to say, she's very quick with that dagger,” Drachen said.

Drachen, go inside. Now.” I growled.

Both men exchanged startled looks.

She's a werewolf, by the way,” Drachen said. “Apparently, she wants you, cousin.” He slapped him on the back. “I'll be inside, if you should need me. Or need patching after.” Drachen chuckled, trudging toward the doors and slipped inside.

Jett stood looking at me for a few more heartbeats.

Are you alright?” he wondered.

Not alright,” I said with a slightly raspier voice.

Can I help you . . . in any way?”

Oh, yeah. You can help me.”

He stepped a little closer and stopped a few paces from me. “The last time I showed interest, you threw me.”

I won't throw you this time,” I promised. “But I warn you, I might hurt you.”

He laughed and held out his hands. “You can't hurt me any more than I am already.”

I didn't mean emotionally. I meant physically. I might bite you. I might cut you.” I held up my claw-tipped hands. I eyed them. Hell, I might hurt myself with them.

He stepped closer, taking in the claws. He reached out and placed a finger beneath the first three, and I clenched them slightly, almost like a bird on a twig. Our eyes met. His were black gems in the night, glimmering in the lights beneath the porte-cohere.

Hmm,” his voice went up with a curious note. “That might be just what I need after tonight. Something to get my mind off it all, in fact.”

I let him step closer, and felt his overwhelming aura hit me. We stared at one another for a full minute. He was probably measuring my aura as well. I'm sure it had changed, or at least was ratcheted up quite a bit with my were-animal.

Shall we go inside?” he wondered, gesturing toward the palace doors.

No. I'd prefer we didn't.” Turning, I moved swiftly away, following a brick pathway—the same one I had earlier in the day—back into the gardens. I heard his heavier footfalls follow me as I padded along on lithe feet, enjoying a bit of a chase. But I didn't run. I didn't need to. I turned to look back at him over my shoulder. Stopping unsure, he stared after me. I shrugged off my coat and tossed it on the ground and moved along and then paused at the opening of the formal garden to find him trailing along behind me, pausing only when I paused.

Smiling, I half-turned, and pulled off my shirt, revealing my white, lacy bra. I saw his brows lift with peeked interest. I draped the shirt on a hedge, and strode into the garden. Once inside I pulled off my boots, one at a time, tossing one into the mint, the next one I let drop over my shoulder, like crumbs to follow. While I did a walking strip-tease, Jett appeared in the aperture of the garden where the arbor made an arched opening. Moving forward, his foot connected with one of my discarded boots. He looked down, then back up at me. I was currently peeling off my pants. I had his full attention now as I let my pants drop onto a rock wall, and stepped behind it, hiding myself from view.

I waited for him to enter this portion of the garden. When he did I stood proudly, tilting my head back slightly, allowing him an unobstructed view. “You want to remove the rest yourself?” I asked in a challenge.

I might at that,” he said and closed the distance between us. His hands went to the clasp on that elegant black velvet cloak he wore. It slithered off his shoulders like a black waterfall.

I remained still watching to see what he would do next, doing my best to not rush into this. My desires coming to a crescendo I wanted to enjoy the moment, but I also couldn't wait all night; I'd waited long enough for my alpha to show. I clenched my fists, digging my nails—claws—into my palms trying to hold back from charging at him, and rip his clothes off. I actually wanted to bite him in places he might not like. Or, maybe he wouldn't mind so much.

I'll feed off your life force, you know?” he said almost as a warning.

I've got so much going through me, I think I've enough to spare,” I said with a shrug.

He looked around for a soft spot of ground. Choosing one, he spread the cloak out on clipped grass. I moved with him to the spot, and just when I wasn't sure how to intrigue him further, he grabbed me around the waist and hauled me against himself and smothered my lips with his. His kiss demanding; I kissed right back with enough force to make electricity as our mouths and tongues became like frantic animals trying to mate. Copyright 2011 Lorelei Bell

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