Sunday, May 1, 2011

Notice something Different?

I went from this as my header to . . .



I went snooping around in photobucket this afternoon. They sure have some great stuff there. Some of it moves and some of it doesn't.

I found a great haunted, spooky castle there:

And I really liked this graveyard. . .

Sort of peaceful. I want to lie down and take a nap there. Not permanately, though.

And this last picture makes me think of the female vampire character in my next Sabrina Strong Series.

This is Ilona Tremayne, a psychic vampire. But she does have fangs, sort of looks nasty like this one does:

Ilona Tremayne singlehandedly--with help of her underlings--kills several vampires in my first book Vampire Ascending.

You'll want to know how, before you read the second book, Vampire's Trill, because Sabrina gets to meet this bitch from hell. She really, really doesn't want to either.

Come to think of it, I wouldn't either. Would you?