Monday, September 27, 2010

Vampire Article Published

My husband and I needed a little "get away" day, and since we don't work on Mondays, we drove about an hour west, to the town of Oregon,IL, where the scenery becomes a bit more interesting with oak tree forested hills, the limestone cliffs peek from the sides of the narrow roads, and you sort of forget you're in Illinois.

We stopped and ate a crisp apple, which I cut up, and some cheese, by the side of the rushing Rock River, enjoying the sound as we sat there, and the cool autumn morning, while the small locust leaves rained golden, almond-shaped, sized leaves on us.

We ventured to Eagles Nest, a western and Native American shop, to browse, and I simply had to buy something unique for myself.

We went to lunch at the White Pines Restaurant, and looked into reservations for two in December in the individual cabins there for our 22nd anniversary. These are real log cabins, built by the CCC workers after the war. They are nice, cozy cabins with a gas fireplace.

After much going around trying to decide what cabin we could get, and trying to get the Scrooge play and dinner package, while their Internet was down, we got things all settled and eventually came home.

After confirmation over the phone and my e-mail, I went to check other things. Well, well, my article at Frogen Yozert, was accepted and posted. It can be seen @

The owner of this site is Wilfried Voss, who also owns/runs Copperhill Media, where my vampire novel will be published through. Eventually this will be started up, but I guess I need to wait a little longer for things to go through on this.

Anyway, the title of the article is Vampyre Novels; A History

So, this is my up-date. Visit me over at Lorelei's Muse (link on side bar), and check things out on a weekly, or daily basis, as this is my main post.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lurking Vampires, Werewolves, etc.

On Friday, I sent out my novel, Vampire Ascendingg on a disk to the publisher. They will get it, no doubt, this coming week sometime.

After the death in my husband's family, of his mother's passing, two weekends ago, we all needed to get into our normal routines, and my writing now means even more to me and my husband than before. His mother, Barb, was also a writer--unpublished--but she was more interested in seeing me get published. And she did, with my first self-published book, Spell of the Black Unicorn, and was so happy about it. I just wish she could have seen this next one published, as well. I miss her soft voice in my ear over the phone, and sometimes I actually still hear it, and this brings tears, as I know I will never have the privilege of speaking to her again while on this plain. I think it's a shame she never could pursue her writing like she'd wanted to. But, we can't change history, no matter how much we want to.

I've been reading Anita Viljoen's book Feeders, which came in mail only yesterday--all the way from Canada, and I've begun reading it. I'm finding it quite interesting, so stay tuned. I'll be reporting on it at my main blog (Lorelei's Muse), when finished. I interviewed her last month, and that can be viewed from Lorelei's Muse, as well. Plus you can go visit Anita's blog, and check it out for yourself--it should be on my blog roll here, below.

Also would like to pick up a new book by Janet Evanovich coming out this month, and it's a fantasy. One of the characters, Diesel, is from her "Between the Numbers" books, and this sounds very good. It's called Wicked Appetite

Speaking of vampires and the like, my favorite time of the year is coming near.

Yep. Halloween. I hope to have my novel ready to go, by then, it would be a treat to have a chance to sell something around Halloween. But, if not, that's fine. There's always next Halloween. I'd be more set up, plus--if all works out--I'll have the sequel out by then.

Very busy with my writer pal, J.L. Jackson, who we swap chapters with, and that's been working out well too. And I'm glad I've the chance to work with her.

Well, gotta get back to the work. More as it happens.