Sunday, July 17, 2011

Film & Book News

Johnny Depp will go from being a vampire to hunting them as he works on the remake of The Night Stalker.

And tell me you are suprised as I am on this: Stephen King's son, Joe Hill, is about to pen his own vampire novel. You can check this out for more details here:
This is not going to be anything like Twilght. I think he'd rather stick pins in his eyes.
Stephen King's son, Joe Hill--okay is this his pen name or what?--is not a fan of the modern vampire novels. He wants to write something that hasn't got sexy vampires or romantic ones that get all sappy and doesn't even want to bite the girl he fancies. He says—and I quote-- “Sexy vampires are like sexy leeches. Really? REALLY?!”

Anyway, although I had no idea King had a son who was now a writer. I'm just wondering if he didn't get his writing style from the old man, and maybe his agent as well (yes, that was a snarky remark, so sue me!) Hopefully he doesn't write literary like his mother, Tabitha. But I highly doubt it.
I didn't care for Tabitha King's writing style, and couldn't get through half the book I'd checked out. I took it back to the library unable to trudge through any more. I don't care for “literary” works where I need a dictionary on my lap to look up $10 words. Hopefully their son's writing style is more a chip off his father's--horror—which I'm betting it is.
I will be checking this out. I read King's vampire novel 'Salems Lot, a couple of times.But when it was made into a film the movie sucked, but the book still stands as one of my favorite vampire novels of modern times.
Anyway, I'm not really surprised Hill wasn't all that crazy about the Twilight series and the twinkling vampires who never seemed all that dangerous to me.

And one last note, th movie, Bite Marks is going to be out on DVD this November. You can see a teaser trailer here: